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verb. [løsgjøre fra hverandre] detach, disconnect verb. [oppheve sammenheng el. forbindelse, danne lag] segregate, separate verb. [oppheveforbindelsen mellom] separate (f.eks.

the province was separated from the Empire; separate husband and wife

) verb. [utgjøre forskjellen på] differ verb. [skille] separate, differentiate, disjoin verb. (maskin) [ta fra hverandre] dismantle, take apart, take down, disassemble verb. [ta fra hverandre] separate (f.eks.

separate the elements of a mixture; separate the sand from the gravel

) verb. [skjelne fra hverandre] distinguish verb. [danne et skille mellom] separate (f.eks.

the Channel separates England and France; the fields are separated from each other by ??

) verb. (kjemi) [ikke forbinde med] dissociate (f.eks.

it is impossible to dissociate the two ideas

) verb. [avsondre] isolate, detach verb. [koble fra] disconnect

Norsk-engelsk ordbok. 2013.

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